Tuesday, November 25, 2014

10 Things I'm Thankful For [Every Single Day]

 {A Very Short List}

Dear New Grace, 

Remember to give thanks. Not just one Thursday in November, but every single day of your life. Sometimes there are horrible days when you start to feel like you have little to be grateful for. That's when you need to stop and think. Take time to appreciate the little things, no matter how mundane. Take time to appreciate the big things so that you don't start to take them for granted. Here are some things I am thankful for (though I don't always remember to appreciate every day.)
  1. Family.
  2. Hands. I'm always amazed at what a useful tool they are.
  3. Brain/Mind, Heart, Spirit, Body. All miraculously intertwined together to make one pretty functional being. 
  4. Food. Delicious, nutritious, colorful, flavorful, aromatic, wonderful good old fashioned food. Especially this butter chicken my beloved and I shared recently. Whenever I go to eat Indian food, I order it just for the sauce!
  5. Words. More specifically, good words. Words that are put together into sentences filled with helpful advice to follow in life. Words that make my heart happy. 
  6. Personal time. This is huge for me.
  7. My senses. I've always been a big observer, so these come in handy. 
  8. Support. It really makes a difference to have loved ones who are there for you through thick and thin. 
  9. This life I was given, that set me on the road I travel, learning the lessons I learn.
  10. Hope. That light in the dark whenever I can't see my way out of a situation.

Everyday People

I am everyday people
 [Everyday People, by Sly & the Family Stone]

Sunday, November 23, 2014


My sister, "Kit." 

  1. She is 15 years old.
  2. She likes knitting and making jewelry. 
  3. Her favorite thing to knit is jar covers and her favorite stitch is a diagonal rib. 
  4. Her favorite foods are lentil soup, tuna pasta with capers, tuna rice, strawberry shortcake, and pumpkin pie. 
  5. Her favorite pizza is veggie.
  6. She likes to sing. She got a good voice like mother. 
  7. Her favorite movie is The Ultimate Gift. 
  8. Her favorite subject right now is art. She likes drawing colorful designs with markers.
  9. She likes to play sports, especially basketball.
  10. Her favorite book series is Fablehaven. 
  11. She gives good massages when someone has a headache. I think it's because she inherited mother's strong hands. 
  12. She would like to become a kindergarten teacher or a masseuse.
  13. She likes to clean, organize and rearrange things.
  14. She's not much of an animal person but she likes butterflies.
  15. Her favorite flowers are poppies and daisies.
  16. She likes Spring weather the best.
  17. Her favorite color is purple.
  18. She likes to go to the beach and play frisbee in the water.
  19. Her favorite names for a girl are Claire, Summer, Amber, and Kylie. 
  20. Her favorite names for a boy are Jack, Oliver and James.

Next week I will be sharing 20 facts about my youngest sister, Bugsy. To see the rest of the introductions, click here

Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Set of Wheels

"A portrait of family, once a week, every week, for a year." 

The Giant on his new set of wheels. This look sure suits him.

25 x 25: #10

Thursday, November 20, 2014

To Gauge or Not to Gauge? (The Question I Need to Stop Asking Myself) {Challenge #8}

This was my first attempt at following a pattern straight through to the end. Something went terribly, horribly wrong. It probably had to do with my gauge measurements (I may have disregarded the length in my calculations thinking the designated wearer was a good deal smaller than me so of course the hood will fit her just fine, right?) Wrong. There's no way what I knit would fit her. "Take time to save time" keeps echoing through my head. Yep, indeed. It's a good thing I wasn't bummed out about failing this time. On the contrary, I relished ripping back my stitches for this project. It was nice to get a little more acquainted with short rows and how they work, but I think I enjoy coming up with my own designs as opposed to following a pattern. That's how I am with most things in life, actually. So, although my youngest sister didn't receive her hooded cowl birthday gift yesterday, she should be getting a specially made one of a kind design soon enough. She wanted one like mama's and I am the one who made mama's so I think I can whip something up she'll appreciate.

(Though I did think it looked pretty cool upside down, and of course it would've been really cool if I had actually done the pattern in the correct gauge):

Although I ripped out all my work, I did enjoy practicing the w&t and picking up wrapped stitches. This technique has been the most daunting to me so far, but working on this project helped me feel a bit more accustomed to it. I think it's really neat how short rows work in shaping everything together. I'd like to experiment with this technique more in the future, but for now I'm taking a little break from the more sophisticated stuff. 'Cos I make the rules around here and I said so. My next challenge will be to make something for Winter, and I'm setting the challenge end date for December 25. Easy peasy. I can see how being your own boss has its perks.

Oh, and I've been slacking very much in my reading! Hmmm let's see, the last thing I read recently was this on flower names. Some of my favorite flower names are Amaryllis, Bluebell, Iris, Larkspur, Lavender, Primrose, and Rose. What about you?