Sunday, April 26, 2015


 Soooooo, the mysterious surprise present is still not finished, but I didn't want to wait any longer to show my beloved, nor was I feeling motivated to bind it all together and put the last finishing touches. I decided to show him what I had so far in order to motivate myself to finish it all (though I have an important family project I had to start on so the finishing touches will most likely take a while to complete as well.) Anyways, I figured since I already showed him the gift in progress, I could put it up on the blog! (It's a quiet book for our future children.) One thing the both of us want most is to start a family together. I combined this thought towards the future with the thought of including memorable pieces of clothing and subjects from the past (since it was an anniversary present). Here's what I came up with (minus one poorly constructed page that needs re-working):

Opening & tying/ Good morning:

Learning colors & how to button 
(Memory #1, involving bow ties):


Learning shapes:

Learning to braid:

Learning to tie shoes
(Memory #2, old Chucks):

Learning seasons:

Telling time:


Learning to add and subtract by placing Gatorades on brown table on opposite page and adding them up, plus subtracting from what you started out with in the fridge. (Memory #3, low-on-funds food):

Learning to wind up yarn neatly
(Memory #4, stray kitty and her favorite toys):

Search and find & buckle
(Memory #5, Zero & Dinky):

Search and find & pull:

Learn to use a zipper:

Recognizing emotions:

Alphabet (English in blue pocket, Spanish in gold):

Writing Practice (lacking a pencil at the moment):

Tuck mommy & daddy in/Say good night
(Memory #6, "true love quilt" made with pieces of clothing from our first years together):

Things I liked about this:
The drawings, the colors, the ideas, the process.

Things I wish were different:
Poor sewing skills, not great measurements on all the pages, didn't think about how I'd be constructing everything at the end before I started out (always my problem), didn't take into account hemming of page edges before planning out/constructing activities on each page. Should've made pages bigger from the start to sew the edges together on one side without it taking part of the image on the page with it (i.e. seam allowance!) This is a big part of my frustration at this time. Also, some of the page elements didn't fit on the page itself so I had to put some things in pockets on the "jacket" cover (an old jean vest I plan on using.) And lastly, the book itself is pretty big and bulky!

I am aware that children playing with this book should be supervised, due to some of the page elements being possible choking hazards.

*My That's a Wrap project has been canceled due to important family business that has come up and requires much time and attention.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Weekend Work.

Happiness Project: 50/52

Breakfast Gyro Wrap {Wrap # 16}

Forgot to take photos for this one! Oops!

-1 tortilla
-1-2 pieces lamb gyro meat
-olive oil
-salt & pepper
-1 egg (sunny side up or scrambled)

-1 slice monterey cheese
-1 leaf swiss chard

Apply olive oil to the tortilla and cook gyro meat and egg with salt and pepper and place in tortilla. Add cheese and swiss chard (optional) and that's a wrap!