Saturday, August 30, 2014

Monster Migraines

Dear New Grace,

I got a massive migraine last weekend, which led to symptoms of a fever and vomiting. I haven't had to face one of those nightmares in at least a couple months. I'm so glad mother was there because I get trampled underfoot without her. She's amazing when it comes to healing migraines (but of course you'd know that). She has the magic fingers that relieve all the tension. When I have a migraine, about the only thing that gets my headache to go away (way faster than taking any pills, which only make it come back again later and more frequently), is one of mama's massages. She worked her magic and I fell asleep for a while. I woke up feeling strong enough to make my way into the kitchen for family time and some grub before making my way back upstairs and into bed for the night.                    

"A portrait of family, once a week, every week, for a year." 
The headache blues wouldn't leave my thoughts, though. The migraine was extremely painful this time, and I couldn't help realizing how much worse it will be when mother's not there to help shoo it away. This got me thinking: what am I going to do when I move away and this happens? When the migraines hit, I'm done for. I can't sleep, which would make it at least able to escape for a while if it wasn't gone by morning. The pain keeps me up until I get to the point where I'm so drained from lack of sleep that I just knock out. The epsom salt bath mother suggested was helpful. So were the "migraine scents," she rubbed on my face (I think they were some kind of essential oils, I'll have to find out). But without the pairing of the massage, I wonder at how helpful those things would actually have been. When she massages my head, it soothes me, calms me, gives me something to focus on, relieves so much tension, makes me less afraid, and relaxes me enough that I can doze off peacefully. Trying to massage my own head doesn't work. Asking someone else besides mother to do it doesn't help. They move my head around like I'm on a merry-go-round ride and I end up feeling dizzier and just plain guilty because their help isn't helping. Maybe I should just ask mother to teach my beloved her ways and hope he excels and becomes a master headache terminator too. In any case, this is not something I want to go into under-prepared, so I decided to research some natural remedies for migraines to try them out next time I want to yank my head off and kick it out the window. I need to find something equally effective that I can turn to when my personal masseuse is no longer there to pamper me. Hee hee. I'll be back with my findings soon enough.


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Thursday, August 28, 2014


Knitting: Voila! I've finished my kerchief, and had a go at blocking. I plan on posting the pattern (for free) by next week!

Reading: I would like to work on strengthening my Spanish skills so I checked out one of the smaller, simpler looking translated novels from the library, El Cuaderno de Noah (The Notebook.) I thought it was a good choice because mother bought me The Notebook a couple years ago and I never got around to reading it, so it's about time.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Spin Cycle

"I'm feeling the world go round
It's spinning me upside down"

Dear New Grace...

The world is always turning.
Sometimes it can feel like you're trapped in a spin cycle,
in a crowded little laundromat,
getting pummeled with dirty laundry, 
choking on lint,
Trapped inside,
with no handle to find your way out.
Well I'm telling you right now-
when you get shoved in there,

Song-ography: I Really Want It, by A Great Big World

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

World Photo Day

"Self Portrait"

The Gallery 196: World Photo Day

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This Little Space

At home with the family...

There are always flowers on one table or another, some real, others not so much. Usually they're wildflowers from the canyon or a little bouquet that Treasure put together on his way back.

Mother still hangs our artwork on the wall, like she has since we were all little.

In the heat, the fans are whirring and humming, and drowning out voices.

There's yarn aplenty (I sorta went crazy with yarn-buying when I picked up knitting last November.)

There's books in crates, books on shelves, books on tables, books on the floor, books on chairs...there aren't as many as it sounds, but we do like to read! There are definitely more books than there are movies.

There's Readily (nicknamed Red), who was "readily available" (in my brother's words) after the first fish (Bluesy) died unexpectedly after a week. Readily likes it here. He has more spunk than Bluesy did, so he can stand our lively antics throughout the day. His little space is filled with leaves, pebbles and water. Most days it tends to be a little more organized than ours is. Good fish.

"A portrait of family, once a week, every week, for a year." 

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